Choosing Between a Branded and Unbranded 42 Inch TV

Advancements made in technology over the last few years have made it cheaper and cheaper for manufacturers to come up with large screen TVs. Just a couple of years ago it was unthinkable that LCD screens would be anything more than 26 inches – but now finding 42 inch screens is fairly common and some screens even end up being as large as 60 inches or more!

Because it is easier to manufacture these screens, you’ll find that nowadays there are a lot more ‘unbranded’ 42 inch TVs on the market compared to in previous years. These ‘unbranded’ TVs may in part consist of TVs that literally have no brand name attached to them, or may have a brand that isn’t known at all.

The advantage of choosing an unbranded 42 inch TV should be easy to spot right from the point when you first look at its price tag and realize that it is a whole lot cheaper than other TV sets with the same screen size but that sport a good brand name. Needless to say, this shouldn’t be all that surprising.

So is there any reason why you would choose a branded TV over an unbranded one?

Frankly speaking, there are two main advantages that branded TVs have to offer over their cheaper rivals and that is reliability and assurances. If you buy a branded TV nowadays chances are you’ll get at least a year’s warranty although it must be said that most brands tend to offer 3 to 5 years warranty too. On the flipside, with an unbranded TV the chances are that there’ll be no such warranty.

The other factor that branded TVs have going for them is the fact that you can rely on a certain standard of quality from the brand. Most unbranded TVs tend to offer slightly inferior image quality due to the fact that the technology being used is subtly different. Furthermore, should anything be amiss with a branded TV you can always contact the manufacturer – which isn’t possible with unbranded TVs.

To cut to the chase, buying a branded 42 inch TV will mean that you can rest assured it will live up to expectations, whereas an unbranded one may not do so. As far as you can it is generally best to stick to brands that you trust – unless you happen to get a great deal and check to ensure that the unbranded screen you buy is going to deliver.

At the end of the day the choice is yours, but it helps to take the time to consider your decision before you splash cash on a 42 inch TV screen whether it is branded or not.

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