Choosing Between Plasma, LED and LCD

If you were to venture into any electronics store nowadays looking for a 42 inch TV, you’d find yourself confronted with a choice between what is known as plasma TVs, LED TVs, or LCD TVs. For those who aren’t familiar with the latest in display technology, this may all seem slightly confusing – but the truth is that with a little bit of knowledge it is really easy to choose between them.

Right now the most ‘advanced’ displays rely on LED technology. Basically, LED technology allows for crisp and clear images that have excellent contrast and all in all provide extremely high quality images. Also, these displays consume much less power than other types of displays, which make them the clear leader of the pack. If anything, the only downside to choosing a 42 inch TV with a LED display is the fact that it will probably be a lot pricier than other displays as well.

On the other hand, plasma displays are able to provide very high quality images as well and at one point in time were the best displays around. However they do have two main drawbacks, the first of which being the fact that they consume a lot more power and the second being that there is the risk of a static image ‘burning’ into the screen. Most of the latest plasma displays have taken measures to correct that second problem, but it may still crop up from time to time. The main selling point of plasma displays nowadays and the one reason why you might want to consider one for your 42 inch TV is the fact that it generally provides the best value for money.

Last but not least, there are LCD displays. While the picture quality in many LCD displays may lag slightly behind LED and plasma displays, in some of the newer TVs the difference really isn’t all that noticeable. Most LCD displays tend to be cheaper than LED displays, but a little bit more expensive than plasma displays. That being said, they do consume less power.

Starting to see how these three different types of displays line up? When you’re choosing which one you want to go for with your 42 inch TV it is important that you factor in your budget as well. If you can afford a 42 inch TV with a LED display – great. But if not, check out the prices of similarly sized plasma or LCD screens and you may find that you can afford some of them.

All in all, it never hurts to have options so long as you recognize the shortcomings of each and can choose between them wisely.

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