Factors To Consider When Picking a New TV Screen

When you’re standing at the shop and trying to choose between the many different 42 inch TV models that are available, it may strike you that you really have no idea which one you should pick. Fortunately, there are a few factors that should play a role in your decision and knowing them will help ease the process of choosing a new TV immensely.

  1. Type of Display

Generally speaking you can now find TVs that use LED, plasma, or LCD displays. LED displays mostly supply the best quality images and consume the least power, but they tend to be pricey. On the other hand, plasma or LCD displays are cheaper but consume more power.

  1. Glossy or Matte Surface

Nowadays you’ll find that there are some TVs that come with glossy surfaces while others are more matte. In most cases, glossy surfaces provide sharper images but if you’re putting your 42 inch TV in a room with multiple sources of bright light then you may find that they reflect off the screen and hamper the image in which case a matte surface might be better.

  1. Additional Features

Almost all large-screen TVs nowadays come with numerous different additional features that range from WiFi network connections to USB input. Some even have inbuilt web browsers, media players and so on. When you look at the additional features on any 42 inch TV, make sure you only focus on the ones that you’re really likely to use.

  1. Warranty

Make sure you ask how long the warranty on the new TV that you’re buying will last. It is normal for pretty much every TV to come with at least a one year warranty, but there are many that even offer 3 year warranties as well. It never hurts to find out.

  1. HD Quality

Frankly speaking it is almost a ‘given’ that any 42 inch TV you buy nowadays will support full HD (1080p). That being said it is better to be safe than sorry and you should definitely find out what sort of HD the TV supports just to be certain that you’re not going to be in for a rude shock later on.

  1. Input Ports

All TVs use different types of input ports and if you’re the kind of person who has multiple different peripherals (i.e. Blu-ray Player, Cable TV, Media Player, etc) that you want to hook up to the TV it would make sense to find out that it has enough input ports to support them.

Use these factors as a checklist when you’re shopping for a 42 inch TV and you’ll find that choosing one that fits your needs is a whole lot easier!

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